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Specialize in recruitment and placement of multilingual telemarketing, customer service and support representatives.

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Who we are?

Leean is a novel, fully automated foreign language telemarketing, customer service and support representative recruitment agency.

With the increased need for skilled employees, fluent in a broad range of languages, Leean's unique AI-based platform presents a more streamlined, yet agile approach to exponentitally improve the accurate identification of suitable candidates.

Developed by a team of veteran recruitment experts, the smart platform tracks candidates across their entire journey, providing them with features such as Interactive CV building, analizing and improvement

Designed to weed out unqualified or inappropriate candidates, the platform offers employers a range of automated pre=interview filtration services, such as phone interviews built according to specific needs and tests.

Leean is systematically reshaping recruitment to meet current demands and challenges, making it simpler, faster and more accurare then ever, while dramatically reducing good candidate dropout, along with saving employers valuable time and money.

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